Wednesday, November 23

Bruce Gordon and CHP

Tuesday went past Bruce Gordons' on way back to car. Showed him problems with bike and he showed me fixes. He saw I had bent the handle and offered a new bar at cost. He also GAVE me a new set of toe clips and toe straps as he was impressed that I regularly rode on the 101 shoulder. Wednesday I took him up on it. He was confident I could take care of all of the fixes. (go to his web site. Bruce is one of the top bike builders in the country and possible the preeminent touring bike builder in the World.) Northbound Wednesday I waved over my shoulder at a CHiP car stopped to investigate an abandoned car. Later I waved again as he drove past, and HE WAVED BACK!

To outsiders HWY 101 between Novato and Petaluma is a busy 4 lane freeway that is still an open road with many driveways and side roads opening onto it. It should have been upgraded decades ago but it overlaps Marin and Sonoma counties and it may be politics that prevents an up-grade. I first rode it in 1983 and backed down a CHP sergeant who didn't want me there. Tough. I had a Caltrans map that said it was open. Since then they have been friendly. It has been said that I have a certain amount of Bravado to ride there. Perhaps, but I have so much fun blowing past hundreds of cars during occasional jams.

Sunday, November 20

Bravado and Nice CHP

I have a temp job at the Novato Costco. Too far to bike the whole way. A tidy run from the south Petaluma Park-and-Ride lot to Novato and back. 90% along the HWY 101 shoulder; hee, hee, hee! I will get seven days of thrills at about 18 miles a day. The computer is still flacky.

South-bound today I saw a big motorcycle and rider pulled over in a driveway along this section of open highway. I waved even before I saw it was a CHP officer. I didn't notice him wave back. I know he knew I was there though. Seconds later he waved over a motor-cycle. The putt-putt pulled onto the shoulder where I would have been forced into traffic to go around the stop. The officer waved the rider forward another quarter mile to where they could pull completely off of the shoulder, allowing me to pass safely. This was at the construction site for the Marin landfill interchange.

North-bound I checked out the construction. There is a possible bike tunnel through an overpass ramp. More likely it is a passage for the local farmers' cows as I saw a bikeable path on only one end of the tunnel. North-bound barricades forced me right to the edge of the traffic lane. Al;most as dicey as the south-bound San Antonio Creek bridge at the county line.

Thursday, November 3

Soggy is as soggy does

No headlight needed on way to CSJ; normal Paciific Standard Time. Wet forecast for PM wife said to wait for her at winery. She had to go back to work, dropped me off near BiCentennial.