Monday, October 17

Black and Black with Stripes

Dark to work and dark back. Full lights 3/4 of the time. Stripes on the road and stripes on the otherwise all black critter I passed in Annadel. It had its tail at full extension on the other side of the narrow road. Fortunately it did not feel too threatened and did not fire on me.

Three riders with lights to work and three back. One coming back had good lights.

Tuesday, October 4

Wines within Wines

Another cold dark ride to work. 47 degrees F and headlights for the first 8 miles. Thumbs cold but better than yesterday. Few grapes at work, cool weather delays ripening. Maybe even without more sugars in the grapes the acid levels will drop to the point where they must be harvested. Special meeting this AM. One announcement: No one has had a "reportable" accident so everyone was handed a bottle of wine. I swapped my 2000 Pinot Noir for a 2003 Joberg Reisling with the man who got the job my wife tried for. I am a professional and can keep my feeling under control. He is pleasant.

I wish I had a base line to see if more people are commuting. Certainly there are several regulars who do not have good lighting.

Sunday, October 2

Double Fun

I rode the creek trails loop ride to check it out for the official SRCC group ride next weekend. The Wendell Creek crossing was a bit slippery. I'll think about a portable way to make it safer, like a roll of wire mesh.

Heading upstream on the south side of Santa Rosa creek I first met a single lady then two couples all together on mountain bikes. Both times they asked me for information about that trail, then other rides in the area. Maybe non to rare riders ARE getting back on their bikes. Perhaps gas prices are getting more people to cycle. I have no real choice but to ride.