Saturday, September 24

Save Money on Wine

A rarely used or abused secret about wine is that winery employees get extreme discounts on wine. I've gotten 40% and 50% discounts. AND the company usually does not care how much you buy. Well, 500 cases of fume' blanc might upset them but 2 to 5 cases wouldn't. When I asked if I could buy a batch of wine for a national charity having a local event I gathered the impression I could roll up with my 3/4 ton pickup, a certified bank check, and fill the truck. Pity that most of the wines I lick that they make are sold out.

Bike wise the saddle loosened again on the way home. In fiddling with it I was finally able to really adjust the position. My old leather saddle is not too compatible with the modern seat clamp. The rebuilt light harness worked well. I will still make an all new one soon.

I may still help out at the MS Wine to Waves tour tomorrow.


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