Saturday, September 24

Save Money on Wine

A rarely used or abused secret about wine is that winery employees get extreme discounts on wine. I've gotten 40% and 50% discounts. AND the company usually does not care how much you buy. Well, 500 cases of fume' blanc might upset them but 2 to 5 cases wouldn't. When I asked if I could buy a batch of wine for a national charity having a local event I gathered the impression I could roll up with my 3/4 ton pickup, a certified bank check, and fill the truck. Pity that most of the wines I lick that they make are sold out.

Bike wise the saddle loosened again on the way home. In fiddling with it I was finally able to really adjust the position. My old leather saddle is not too compatible with the modern seat clamp. The rebuilt light harness worked well. I will still make an all new one soon.

I may still help out at the MS Wine to Waves tour tomorrow.


Last night rode home in the dark. Well the sun had JUST set at the wineries I had light to see half way home. A grassy field in the WhiteOak area of Oakmont had some 12 to 14 deer grazing. I haven't seen such crowds in quite a while. Almost every morning I see a few deer going to work thru Annadale.

Monday, September 19


I use a bicycle-specific mileage and maintenance logging program called VELOLOGGER. I keep working deeper and deeper into the system. As I wear out or damage my bikes I find out how to record that new problem. Latest thing is the original front BLT wheel 700 mm with 36 14gauge spokes has been going out of true. I handled the left/right wobble but the out-of-round is more than I am familiar with. Still 0ver 5000 miles before the first adjustments says good things about Bruce Gordons' wheel building. I am described as a horse and tend to break parts easily. I will replace the original front wheel with the one from my older commute bike. That wheel was made for me by Hugh Freed who crewed with me in RAAM 1988

Saturday, September 17

Phishing trip

12+ to 13+ miles to work, a hard day at the winery, and 13 to 20 miles home since the last post has left me too tired to do much blogging. Also the system has so many defenses built in now that it not as fun to list updates. Needed tho, the spouse is a leader on a high level web service and needs these professional level defenses on the home system.

Cycling is a steady 600+ miles a month, most of it commuting. Some sundays I have a fun ride. Once a week I go home thru Annadale State Park, an off-road paradise. The saddle is working loose and the front wheel needs truing as a result