Saturday, August 27

Visually Challenged tandem party

Each August the local bike club (SRCC) assembles at the Earl Baum Center for the Blind for a tandem rally. This year I took the COUNTERPOINT OPUS 2 down there. Gave several rides in the parking lot before and after the ride. Larry learned the hard way how fast he needed to put his feet down when I lost control of the bike. I was out of practice and had forgotten how fast the bike tips when a large stoker is more than an inch or two off of center. Forgiven, forgotten tho' I later saw a 2" sq. patch on his elbow where the outer keratin had peeled off. No blood though.

We, three other tandems, and a single did the 4.2 miles down the path to near Sebasopol and back. Five or six tandems when on the 24+ miler to Windsor and back. The Ruggles of NorCal Bikesport provided snacks, fruit, drinks, and hotdogs/vegeburgers.

The Center had 7 or 8 tandems in a nice shed. I could have been giving rides for years. I need to call and see what the rules are. I doubt if a total stranger would be trusted with one of their machines and a visually challenged stoker sight unseen. I wouldn't. I would like to try one of their regular 2bikes with a lighter, more coordinated stoker than Larry. Easier is safer. If an A level ride starts near the Baum center it would help.