Friday, July 8

Graduation Exercise

29.74 miles 3 hours ^250 feet^

Still unemployed so went of the clubs' Friday AM ride. Was repeatedly frustrated by the 12-13 MPH pace of the A level ride. After 8 miles I started sprinting down each rollie and up the other side, waiting for the group at the top/next turn/bend. The snack stop in Larkfield was at a new coffee shop offering $2.65 muffins. Eesh! The chat lasted what seemed like 1/2 hour and had more politics then I cared to hear. Time was even spent discussing the quickest route back after voting against the Reibli Road hill route back. Sigh. As the group got moving I pulled up to the ride leader thanked her for a nice ride but "I need to get back quickly so I am taking off now." The route they were going to take had multiple stop lights and many stop signs. My route resembled a straight line with two kinks to avoid lights. As I got back to the start some of the B or C riders were getting back from their longer, harder rides.