Monday, July 4

Chasing the Cs and Bs

22 miles 2 hours ^1000 feet^

The city offered a 5-10 mile ride with city council members as part of the 4th festivities. The SRCC knew that wasn't enough distance and organized a 35-45 mile ride starting at 8:30. I stayed on the tail of the C group until they split off on Lichau Road for an out and back climb. I stayed with the B riders that were going directly on up Sonoma Mtn Road. That three of the four riders were ladies was sheer coincidence ;).

Still I was wheezing up the slope. I was a half minute slow at a road junction where the four stayed on the official route for another 1500 feet of climbing and 20 more miles. The other guy waited for me. I thanked him, made my excuses, and turned the other way. Still I got the training I needed. Doing an entire B/C route depends on having enough time.

I returned to the start through Bennett Valley passing the city fly casting pool dedicated to my father. I stopped there and remembered the fun times I had in the woods as a kid while he fished. The rest of the family did fun things while he outsmarted fish.

At the finish (Juillard Park) Bruce Gordon, the builder of my good bike, had a booth exhibiting some of his more interesting bikes. One was powder-coated to look like rusted steel. Another was a Retro one-speed with a ZAP motor built in. The battery was camoflaged in an antique styled wooden case.

After reaching home I packed for our semi-traditional kayak ride to watch the Sausalito fireworks.


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