Wednesday, June 8

Monday, Tuesday, Rainday

Monday and Tuesday I explored new ways to and from my new job as a paratransit driver. Today it rained so I had the time and interest to blog. Paths through my town (~140,000 people) are many. Routes to work are simple, LOW traffic makes main (read direct) roads good. Return runs almost all force you through choke points going over or under a freeway. Being a commercial driver and having 30 odd years as a bike commuter I have a whole lot more tolerance of traffic than most fun type cyclists. Besides it is such a hoot leaving motorists behind in traffic. Now if I could get a mirror to stick to my helmet there would be even more fun. Looking at girls behind me of course.

This company doesn't like overtime so if you end up working overtime due to passenger needs you are hit with days off the next week or so. I put in for those days to be on wednesdays and fridays when my club has weekday rides.


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