Saturday, June 18

The Hills Are Alive with the Sounds of Derailluers

17 miles 1.5 hours ^1200+ feet^

The club ride for today was of some 60+ miles in the rolling hills along the Marin/Sonoma county line. I could have done the distance but not at the speed of people who frequently do such mileage. Yet the area has some lovely scenery and I wanted to get my spouse out of the house and away from the "Coom-pew-ter"(Scotty - STARTREK IV).

I drove us and my BLT in her car to the HWY 1/Petaluma-Valley Ford Rd junction. I had the spouse drive ahead to Tomales and park near the MOSTLY NATIVES Nursery. That was insurance in case the morning rains returned and to expose her to some of the best scenery on my route. Taking off I noticed the bike 'computer' was showing speed but not distance. I had had this problem many times. Flash of insight. Checked the clock function. Disabled. Turned on. Mileage started accumulating. OK, time X speed = distance.

At the top of the Hwy 1 hill just north of Tomales I saw a lovely sign. A oh 12 inch circle holding the words GOT LUNGS? . As I got closer I saw the grayish outer edge of the circle was actually the serration of chainring teeth. Genius, I wonder who put it there. And at the top of over a mile of about 10% gradient. If you can get to the sign on that hill without putting your feet down you do indeed have LUNGS.

The spouse was parked at the agreed upon place. With a fresh filled water bottle and a very rich snack from the local bakery. I had arranged for my private Sag to be out of view of the center of town (v small town) so I could blow past the crowd of club riders I expected to be resting there just about then. Life is sweet at times. There WAS a good crowd there and several heads did snap turn and follow the heavy guy on the heavy bike with home-brew lighting systems and even a heavy floor pump sticking out of a loaded bag on a rear rack. Twenty MPH thru town and disappeared up the next hill. Fancy gear and fancy bikes and they were stopping to rest while the FRED didn't stop. An old Argentine Tango saying, "It doesn't MATTER what the people on the side of the floor are saying about your dancing. They are NOT dancing, and you ARE so they do not count."

West to the Dillon Beach turn-off had many lovely flowers. Farther East things are turning brown but this near the coast Spring lingers. Down to Laguna San Antonio, up past Whittaker Bluff Road, and down the Franklin School Road to Valley Ford and the finish. Near the end of the last hill one cyclist said "Hello" as he past. I asked and he said he was with the SRCC. He stopped by the kayak launch on the Laguna Americano but I still had speed on and didn't want to reveal my declasse squeeky brakes so I went on by.

Found the car in town by the Valley Ford Hotel and Restruant (JUST OPENED THAT DAY) instead of Dinucchi's as expected. I unloaded and secured the bike. Spouse not in car so I started checking the stores. Second store had a double sized JOLT COLA can decorated like an Energizer (tm) battery. Had to buy it. Stepping out of the store I heard my name called. Spouse was eating in the VFH&R eating. Extreme sociable staff. Owner was still installing stuff, good wood in the place, OLD glass still in most windows. Spouse had seen First customers leaving, expected they were associates of the owner and staff who had come for a formal opening meal. Spouse and I (I expect) were the first TRUE customers. Owner gave me a tour, outside back area open patio style, good for a group of cyclists. May arrange a tour there. He also collected curious rocks and native artifacts all of which he trotted out for us when we mentioned our knowledge of such things. Mostly leaverite but pleasant to discyss them with him. Older man working on porch described where he had found small garnets in a blue/grey matrix in Occidental Creek.

Mostly breakfast typoe stuff on an as yet unprinted menu. Nice spinach/suasage/egg scramble w/hash browns. Spouse horrified at the amount of JOLT I consumed. Will try to modify the can for water bottle use.


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