Sunday, June 12

32 and a Festival

32 miles 2.5 hours ^700 feet^
16 miles 1 hour ^-100 feet^

The SRCC ride from Willowside School looped north, west to Hacienda Bridge, south to Occidental Road and back to the start. Good company and good pace when moving. RE-group and break stops too long. After Forestville I mostly set my own pace and let the leaders yo-yo past me. Could have finished far ahead but waited at Hall.

At Wohler Bridge chat was about a Filipino Festival in Fulton. At the finish I borrowed a Cell phone and got spouse meet me there. Interesting, spouse enjoyed it. The goat meat had a large portion of slivered intestines which proved a little firm for my current teeth. Ala-carte live entertainment was bizarre.

Ice-cream later.


At 6/22/2005 9:54 AM, Blogger DrPat said...

Looking at girls behind me of course...

I bet you look at girls ahead of you too...

[Humming the Queen song, "Black-Bottom Girls"...]

At 6/22/2005 7:08 PM, Blogger CSMiner said...

I always thought it was "Fat bottomed girls." I permanently saw enough black girl bottoms in RAAM '88'


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