Sunday, May 22

Trash Crew and Others

31.66 4 hrs 24 min ^400 feet^

This was the SRCC Friday ride. I had an 11:30 dental appt. so just planned to ride to the start 13 miles and back 12 miles to have a purpose to the ride. The A ride went part way back towards town and the dentist. Great! I am really getting beyond the A riders. At the top of Vine Hill I said, "Excuse me" to the ride leader and dropped down the hill. I had, by far, the highest sectional density of the group so Sir Isaac took me down the hill far faster than the others. I waited at the Druids Hall til the first one caught me. Then down Trenton to River Road and another wait. The slope isn't steep but the road surface is bad and my Bruce Gordon with 700x32 tires can handle bad roads nicely. When the group joined me at River Road the Leader said we might not see you again. I had told her I would have to split off somewhere. I tool off at 17 to 19 MPH on the smooth flat road. One cyclist was in view behind me as I passed the groups' turn on Slusser. I waved back and went on to the dentist.

It is not so much that my fitness is a lot better, rather having lost over 20 lbs in 4 months the power to weight ratio has improved.

Sunday 5/22/05

The spouse and I joined the group picking up trash along Chalk Hill Road. There was not too much trash on out 1/2 mile segment. Good, because out feet hurt by the time we finished. The club sprang for lunch in Windsor.


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