Tuesday, May 24

Spot the Baddie Ride

2 miles 20 minutes ^200 feet^

Not much of a ride EH? The Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition E-mailed that the drunk who killed a woman cyclist with his car would appear in front of a judge today at 2:00 PM and would any cyclists who could please show up. Ok, I got there 1/2 hour early never having visited a US court before. Security couldn't pass my bag of bike tools and kindly told me where the 50cent lockers were. Two bad lockers the third was ok. By the time I got back 100 plus jurors were going through screening. I waited with another cyclist going to the same hearing. When we got to the area of the particular court room (out of 12 or 14) a bailiff who recognized the little bicycle pins we wore smiled and said, "This is your room." Nice.

We took two second row center seats. His seat was broken so he moved over one. Most of that row and the third row filled when we both looked at the bad seat and figured how to fix it. We did. He grinned and said, "we will let the next person test it." SO, the next person appeared to be Christine, head of the SCBC (Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition). Of course it didn't fail (drat). My buddy pointed out the defendant (drunk).

When everyone else was there, the judge came in. A bailiff said the public (us) didn't have to stand. Legal maneuvering. The judge said as the last judge had denied bail after charging the man with 2nd Degree Homicide the accused could have an earlier bail returned. Defense attorney turned it down. He then said he could have the hearing delayed until o/a June 6th. Or so I understood. Hearing wrapped up, we left.

Outside the (to me) youngish prosecutor was explaining what went on to a group of the cyclists. At the June hearing both will say if they are ready to go to trial. If yes the judge can set a date for a jury trial. I reclaimed my gear and headed home.
Low 80s' by that time, much sweat going back up to the house. Next time I can go, if ever, I'll only take a lock, trousers (out of respect for the judge) and a snack in a cloth bag.


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