Friday, May 13

Catch Up

32 and 39 and 26 miles 3 and 4 a 2.5 hours ^about 2000 feet^

Chalk Hill evening ride

SRCC club ride: I rode 5 mi to San Miguel School, a regular starting place for rides. Found the Staff restroom was open. 15 minute wait. Ride group of 9, two ladies. One was a Kaiser staffer from Oakland teaching computer stuff at the local clinic. Found about our evening ride on the Net. This was a B Class ride and I was dropped as soon as we reached the first climb. I, another man, and the ride leader stayed with the Oakland lady. We took turns chatting with her. I did much better than the last time I did Chalk Hill road, partly due to more fitness, more due to having lost 20 pounds. A truck politely waited for us four to get over the narrow Maacama bridge. Just before the turn-around at Hwy 29 a big pick-up swerved over the double yellow into our lane at sharp bend blaring its horn. When we met the other 5 riders they said he had gone by at 60 in the 35 zone. They heard its horn blow seconds later and figured it was passing us four. I returned a bit faster again getting behind but not truely dropped on a hill.

The Chalk Hill chalk is not true chalk but a light, fine grained volcanic ash.

Thursday: morning SRCC ride

All two of us. I rode 9 miles to the Windsor library (and 9 back) where I met the leader. He felt too many of the short fun ride were in and south of Santa Rosa so he promoted short "sniff the flowers" rides north of town. Bravo; pity I can't ride more of them to boost his morale but a new job starts next week. We went north on Old Red, south on East Side, over Wohler bridge, and west to the hill looking over Hacienda Bridge. He REALLY did not care for River Road and its traffic so we returned to south Windsor westside and other back roads. We split near Shiloh and Old Red and I went home.

Friday: Friday SRCC A Class ride

Howarth Park to Moms' Apple Pie shop near Forestville and return. Generally the Joe Redota trail out and Willowside, Third, Prince Greenway back. Nice chatting but I clearly see I need to up-grade to B status.


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