Monday, May 30

1/15th of a 600K

22.35 miles 1 hr 48 minutes ^200 feet^

Saturday and Sunday we helped out at the Clear Lake Oaks checkpoint for the SRCC 600K Brevet. Saturday from 10:30 to 2:30 PM Riders passed outbound to Davis. Later, much later, They returned from 11:00PM til after we left Sunday morning. High West winds ran until, oh,2 AM Sunday then died off. One man, Denny, had had a slightly detached retina before the ride. It started getting worse near Davis and by the Pope Valley checkpoint He was completely blind in that eye. He got to us just after sunrise. We delayed leaving until he had a long talk with a Dr. John who was running the CP with his lady friend. We took him back to the start in Healdsburg to check out with Donn King, the organizer. We then took Denny to the Kaiser Hospital in Santa Rosa where he could have the needed surgery. Good Luck. I expect him back next year.

Oh, my ride. After :30 PM Saturday I rode into the wind back down the course looking for stragglers. None. Found two wineries (nothing good) and the road to two hot springs at mile 11.17. Made that the around. Going out could cruise at 16-18 MPH. Going back was more like 18 to 21, peaking at 30.5. Nice wind!


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