Tuesday, April 19

Wine Scouting

25.4 miles, 2 hours +/-, ^300 feet^

Passed three tourist cyclists preparing to check wine and olive oil tasting room just south of Glen Ellen on my way home. Decided to do a little wine tour of my own.

As mentioned before there are many wineries along my current commute route. I used the word scouting, not tasting, as I do not drink or even taste while riding or driving. I stopped at two wineries that I haven't visited in years; Mayo family winery and the Wellington winery.

The Mayo Family Winery tasting room was just being set up as I rolled in. They were pouring a dozen or so types that day, mostly '02 and '03s. They had an undated Zin port my spouse can try later. The Wellington people had the usual pinots, zins, and merlots as well as a white port and a zin port that had had its fermentation stopped with 7 year old Cognac rather than the usual grape alcohol. I hadn't heard of that before.


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