Tuesday, April 5

Toxic waste ride

25 miles

(Coming up with titles is fun.) Last week I found one of the white Tyvek® coveralls worn by vineyard workers when they are spraying. It had been rained on for several days, so I didn't mind using it. This AM it was 38 degrees, the coldest yet that I've tried to ride here. I pulled on socks, shorts, and T-shirt. Then bike tights and long sleeved shirt. Then the Tyvek® coveralls, which I covered with my 25 year old Performance rain jacket. Gloves were a pair found by another volunteer on Saturday. Basically, only my head had any chance to get cold.

I started a bit late and caught up with the AM rush south down Hwy 12 into Sonoma. Wide shoulders and a rolling downhill let me pass some 50 to 75 cars. A fix-it truck I passed three times going south later passed me going north. The driver beeped and waved.

The forecast is for scattered PM showers Wednesday. I am considering driving from Kenwood north one mile to the Landmark Winery parking lot then going up Adobe Canyon road to the gate house at the state park entrance. That gives some 1200 feet of climbing. If weather cancels, this route allows a RAPID bailout if it starts raining on the way up.


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