Wednesday, April 27

Tailwind friends

25.6 miles, 2 hours, ^300 feet^

Clo-Terium May 1st
Clo-terium May 1st, courtesy Bike Peddler

I risked a 50% chance of rain and did the Sonoma commute today. A lovely tailwind made the 12.8 miles in the AM easy. South of Glen Ellen I heard VOICES. Looking back I saw a pair of fast riders I had had whiz by several times. With the help of the wind and a slight downhill I hit 22 MPH as they passed me. Time enough to learn they were also commuting and one had NorCal Velo shorts on.

Also saw they blew through the STOP signs at the Sonoma development Center. BAD boys, what would the Ruggles (owners of NorCal Cycling) think of you, setting such a bad example for all the developmentally challenged kids there?

The Ruggles operate the bike shop on College Avenue that is more oriented to road bikes. They are opening their big new store very soon.


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