Sunday, April 10


36.34 miles; 3:04 hours; ^500 feet^

Skipped the club ride; spouse and I were recycling not cycling.

Later at 3:00 PM went out to put on some miles. Good climbs were more miles away than I wanted. Started up Old Red towards the Mill Creek climb just to have a direction to start in. Was caught and politely passed by a trio of lady racers. I could have drafted them (with their permission) but was working into a Zen mood.

West on River Road. (For those out of the area River Road follows an old railroad grade. FLAT.) Saw the miles were going well so decided for Martinelli Road. Quiet and lovely road. High point for me (see my bio) is the quarry at the south end. A short grunt up Hwy 116 into Forestville and the north end of the Joe Redota trail is available. I had hit 38 MPH going down the hill last month and was pleased to see that I didn't need the granny going up. I am making some progress.

The trail was busy compared to Martinelli, Pedestrians or bikes every 1/4 mile. Just south of Graton a hand-lettered sign on the side of the path said
Range eggs $X.xx/dozen, Ring Doorbell
I had kept up on the fluids and took a bite of a POWERBAR each time I hit the top of a rollie. Never felt too tired.

Passed through Sebastapol and turned back towards Santa Rosa, staying on the Joe Redota Trail. This trail is also on a railroad grade like River Road, the difference being the Redota Trail followed a local farm freight line over hill and dale twisting like Chubby Checker. The River route was a major passenger line before WWII and was as flat and straight as it could be made.

Nearing Santa Rosa I passed two ladies rolling slowly along. One called after me admiring my dark Red/Pink shorts. I thanked them and said I commuted and needed high visibility. The second asked where I got them. Southern California, I said.

"That figures!" caught up with me as I disappeared ahead of them.


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