Thursday, April 7

Mild Adventure

25 miles, 2 hours

I've said it before: "An adventure is what happens when you don't plan well." (Quoting George Mallory of Mt. Everest fame.)

Starting in Kenwood with a 30% chance of showers, I felt my lower colon rumbling as I rolled south, a warning that I could not make it to the store in Glen Elen. Having commuted for many years I had noted every single possible emergency toilet place on the whole run, so backup plans were already in place. A work crew 1 mile south of town had installed a porta-potty, behind a gate, But I had located the gap in the fence. Fortunately no one was around—I rolled through the gap, parked out of view of the main road, found toilet paper there, finished, and pedaled away staying in truck tracks on the dirt road.

Heading north again saw rain over Sonoma Mountain, ahead and upwind. As the first drops fell I peeled off the sweater and put on the TYVEK coveralls I'd found last week.

Six miles later the rain stopped and the sun came out. Off overalls and three miles to the finish. The suit acted more like a wet suit. At least it kept the chill off. As the ultramarathoner Lon Haldeman has said, "No rain gear can keep you completely dry, just warm-and-wet. I can live with that."


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