Friday, April 1

Joke Entry, Not.

24 miles, 2 hours 4 minutes

Have I lost my sense of humor? My spouse led me to a long list of April First joke postings on BlogCritics. I could usually see why they were funny or why they would get the goat of an intended victim but I found it hard to even crack a smile at most of them. I have said that I am an analog type person; I sometimes react better to physical jokes. A trace of potassium permanganate in the food that gives the victim green urine, or a layer of fabric between two layers of thin pancake batter that produces an uncuttable pancake is more my speed.

Friday is limited by my work schedule. The basic half commute from Kenwood. Given lots of time and better weather I took a route that avoided Highway 12. Near the Hannas Boys Center I found three pairs of classic burlap sandbags WITH sand. Emptied two and took them. At least one local quarry will let locals have a few bags of sand or other sizes of aggregate in return for a couple of 6-packs of pop or a little chocolate. Too much trouble to charge for such a little amount. Coming back stayed away from Hwy 12 again and, yes, the back roads are still hard on the rump but at least you can look at the scenery.


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