Saturday, April 16

Fresh Meat

31 miles; 3 hours; ^200 feet^

I'm supporting a 300K Brevet this evening so I only did the easy club ride in Windsor this AM, with 10 extra miles done to and from the route.

The route ambled through the suburbs and vineyards around Windsor. A lady showed up "On an impulse" with a borrowed bike. Her chatty enthusiasm drew in other riders like vultures to fresh meat. People talked about clothes, bikes, used bikes, bike fit, bike routes, and anything they would get her to talk about. She liked to talk too and it was entertaining to hear her verbally running over one male rider who kept interrupting her so he could talk.

Near the end of the ride I pulled along side her and asked, "Do you feel about talked out?" She indicated that maybe she was. I replied, "Well, many people like to see a new rider, it lets us tell our old stories all over again." She smiled.


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