Monday, April 25

Coleman Valley Round Trip

20.5 miles 2.75 hours ^2722 feet^

Sunday the 24th I "led" a SRCC club ride. I had proposed a small set of rides into the lovely and very hilly land west of Occidental. This area has the second highest rating for hilliness and I felt was being avoided by new riders.

At the 9:00 AM start four other riders were waiting. One was a lady with a mountain bike ready to go down Willow Creek road; 20 miles and 1700 feet of rutted dirt road. Another was a local from Joy Road who had just joined the club. He went out to the coast and home along Hwy 1 and Hwy 12. The other two were veteran riders I knew. One went out to the coast (Hwy 1) and back as I did (much more slowly). The other stayed with me to the coast then took the 30 mile option over Hwy 1, Bay Hill road, Hwy 12, and the bohemian Hwy (shudder) to the start.

After having company to the coast I returned at a pace suitable for nature viewing. Red Columbines and other flowers were still in good form. An interesting clover had a red/magenta core cored with white tips. This clover was tough enough to be growing through fresh asphalt in places. A turtle and a pheasant were also seen.


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