Wednesday, April 6

Adobe Canyon and errands

7.93 miles, 50 minutes—and about 1000 feet ^climb^

Too cold to want to commute this morning. I took the bike along and stopped at the Landmark Winery on the way home. The winery is just off of Hwy 12 in Kenwood and is by the bottom end of Adobe Canyon road. The road climbs to Sugarloaf Ridge State Park. The gatekeeper said his shack was at 600 feet. Oh sure, and the base is 400 feet from a topo map. I hadn't just climbed only 200 feet. I'll check it later.

I went another 1/4 mile to the Ferguson Observatory at the end of the pavement. Dirt roads go on up to the ridge overlooking Napa Valley and to the top of Pine Mountain at 2700+ feet. I turned around and imitated a dropped rock. The pavement is better than Los Alamos road but the descent is still too twisty to really open up.

Also ran errands by bike: 5.74 miles, 45 minutes, total of 13.5 miles today.

Needed to visit the PO to drop off a letter to a local quarry operation saying I'm interested in being Weighmaster at one of their road works—got the hint from the leader of the last Tuesday night dinner ride.

Then went by the mr regular office to drop off a receipt to be reimbursed. I love it when they reimburse in cash. I would like to give a link to them, but the one time I tried to send the manager an E-mail it messed up my system—still have not gotten it fixed.


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