Tuesday, March 8


47 miles total, 24 in the AM, and 23 in the PM.

My usual Kenwood-to-Sonoma and return in the AM. Lessons learned: 1) about every fortieth vehicle was a semi-truck or similar sized flatbed. They can't squeeze left in the 12-ft lane to give you a little extra room so if you are bothered by massive higspeed things whizzing past you 12 to 18 inches away stay off of Highway 12 in the late morning; 2) if you sweat for 13 miles, sit in the shorts for 3 hours than sweat another 12 miles, please remember to replace the shorts and bathe. I kept wearing the shorts all afternoon and through a 23-mile ride after sunset. Sore, tender, burning—all are apt descriptors. A tender knee also, as I couldn't switch into my granny on the steepest hill. I need to tighten the cable.

Still I call the night ride a success; a good workout, I know my battery will power the 30-watt tractor headlight for that long, and a new rider saw the difference between her 3 LED headlight and a bike headlight on steriods (thanks, Ed Kearney). Next set of spare change I'll switch from a wide beam to a spot lamp. On one downhill I couldn't see as far ahead as I wanted. Fortunately I'd done that hill many times at night.


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