Wednesday, March 30

Testing, testing

36 miles

This post is a day late—Blogger was having problems so I waited until they were (I hope) fixed. I started from the Annadel Park free lot on Channel Drive, partly to approach 500 miles for March and partly to see how my body would handle the mileage increase.

As usual I saw and heard invasive feathered velociraptors (wild turkeys) between the start and the Oakmont retirement community. The two short grades in Oakmont were easier than two weeks earlier, a good sign. I went straight down Highway 12 again. This MAY be a higher risk than the back roads. It is CERTAINLY softer on the sit bones. Reaching Sonoma I stopped at the Safeway to check the time. Sonoma Safeway had some really soft chewy onion bagels. I knocked back two. Safeway is to be praised for allowing(tolerating?) my parking inside the store.

Going Home I passed 9 wineries and tasting rooms for 15+ smaller ones. The scenery is nice too.

My quads had a mild "burn" which faded by bed-time so I decided to do the 49 miles full round-trip from home to Sonoma. This would also put me over 500 miles for the SRCC March mileage contest.


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