Saturday, March 5

saturday club ride

25 miles at a comfortable pace.

A pleasant 25 mile loop in dairy country. (dairy second after wine) Group blew apart at the start. Fit mileage junkies took off planning to do two, three, or more laps. I gave them a zen farewell at the top of the first, short climb. Felt the lactic burn in my quads. Settled back to a comfortable 11-13 MPH average. Stopped at 10 miles to remove a layer. A woman and man caught me just then and I joined them. Pity in a way as I saw 8 to 12 road reflectors laying at the roadside in the next mile. I collect them to line my bother's steep dirt driveway. Good chat until the last hill. We caught upon with a female friend at the crest. I joined her and we left the other two behind. This lady was experienced and I trusted her to lead the rest of the route. She also rides at night. At the finish (for me) one of the top riders asked, " What? not doing 9 more loops?" I replied, "I'd do a trip to the Golden Gate Bridge and back if I needed more miles." I didn't mentioned the spouse and I were doing a barrel-tasting tour of little-known local wineries later. 25.44 miles in ~1 hr 43min. 14 more for the week than planned.


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