Tuesday, March 29

Night Dinner Ride

8 miles 38 minutes

The Santa Rosa Cycling Club (SRCC) had 5 Tuesday night dinner rides to promote riding during the "March Madness" mileage contest. Night rides seem less popular than day rides and rides to meals seem less loved than miles to ride. So, when I and the acting ride leader were the only two to show at the start I was not suprised.

We waited 10 minutes past the official start then spent 5 minutes picking a destination. He seemed to want me to pick the site, and I, he. I had a budget limit and he countered with a local discount card offering half price meals at local eateries. Finally he suggested the East/West restruant in Sebastapol. East/West has a vegan/vegetarian/fish/chicken/salad menu with ONE 1 ONE beef offering. It is also recommended by Aunt Connie who can eat anywhere she wants. Done.

The trip out was College>Fulton>third>Hall>Occidental>High School>hwy 116. We talked bike stuff and life stuff all the way out there, during the meal, and on the way back until he split off. I will spare you some of the esoterics of reflective systems and union activities. I mentioned working as a weightmaster at a winery and he hinted there might be an opening soon at Syars' operation on Todd Road. It would pay better than I am getting now. Besides some of what I do now (home health care) made him a little grey.


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