Sunday, March 20

my first C ride

25 miles; 1 hour 50 minutes

Scattered rain showers this morning almost convinced me to me stay home. It is strange to look out of one window seeing rain, then not seeing rain out of a window on the opposite side of the house. It told me that the showers were not lasting long enough to stop me from riding.

At the start of the SRCC short ride I found one other man in the parking lot. He had planned to ride his tandem but his wife had cancelled. Also, he thought the ride started at 9:00 AM so he was about to leave. I've had that same experience so I bring the club newsletter along—I showed him the start was at 9:30. Minutes to go, and the leader shows up on a track bike. He was also going to tandem but HIS wife cancelled too. One more rider showed (minus a helmet), so the leader said we would go by his nearby home for one. As we left the lot one more rider peddled up.

Consensus was to not do the whole 30-35 mile route planned, but just go to a coffee house in Windsor by a round-about way, then straight back to the start. The last man to arrive split after 3-4 miles. I could understand that. This group tended to be C-class riders, who regroup less frequently than some and cruise at 19 to 22 MPH on dry flat roads. With the wet roads we kept it to 16 to 18 MPH which is more than I normally commute at. About 10 miles into the ride a lady club member caught up with us, worked her way through the group and disappeared off the front in 2 miles.

This group gives good drafting. I would drop behind on short climbs and regain on descents� lb of cyclist, bike, and gear is good for something!

When I or the guy on the mountain bike would get too far back the leaders would slow a little 'til we caught up. Two little showers and one sharp downpour, none more than 3-5 minutes, didn't dampen our spirits. Leaving the coffee shop I lead into a 10-15 MPH headwind until the first rollie when the two stronger riders took the lead.

We talked at full volume back and forth on the way back When I talked about unusual ideas for rides with the mountain-biker he mentioned a road-kill ride he had been on. People had to carry a plastic bag and bring back at least one piece of road kill. Extra points were given for the most unusual piece.

While not as badly chilled as I was on the January 1st ride, I still needed a soak in the tub when I got home, partly to get the salt off of my skin—it had been stinging my eyes near the finish.


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