Wednesday, March 9

March club meeting and ride

9.89 miles and 47:05 minutes. Return from club meeting in dark.

Usual club business, Santa Rosa Cycling Club that is. march mileage contest, brevets, sign-up for April ride leaders, workers for Wine Country Century. ( I grazed Pizza-Hut salad bar 'til full.) We were spoken to by: Amanda Jones, Regional Director, League of American Bicyclists; the Sacramento Lobbyist for the California Bicycle Coalition; two officers of the Bay Area Bicycle Coalition, and a member of the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition. Basically they said what they were doing for cycling. Biggest common agreement between the 5 was that signed FAXes and signed letters DO carry weight with polititions. The club leader asked them to inform him when letters or bodies at meetings were needed and he would pass the word on.

Highlight for me was when I told the 80-odd people there of my brother Earle's offer of a hose-type water stop near the 10 mile point above the Lake Sonoma dam on the March 26th ride from Healdsburg to the end of Rockpile Road and return. General applause and cheering swept the crowd.


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