Wednesday, March 16

longer commute

37 miles, 2 hrs 46 minutes.

Rain is forecast for the end of the week so I decided to try a longer commute to keep the miles up. Moved the start from Kenwood (25 miles) to just south of Spring Lake park in Santa Rosa (37 miles). The free public parking area is just outside of Annadel Regional Park. Annadel is one of the best local areas for mountain biking. If I have any spare energy I can take my heavy tired Bruce Gordon touring bike along the singletrack there.

Got to the lot at 6:05 AM and found signage saying no parking before 6 AM at this time of the year. WHEW! Close. Had enough light not to need headlights. 6 miles to Kenwood and 13 to Sonoma. Came back almost entirely on Hwy 12. Got hungry nearing Kenwood and stopped for water, orange, and Hostess Cupcakes.

Rear wheel still making clicking sounds like loose spokes rubbing on each other. Granny gear started shifting again. The new (to me) state-of-the-art click shifting is going out of adjustment again. Will learn how to fix it as I can't afford to waste $25.00 at the bike shop every 1000 miles or so. I understand I can turn off the "click" shifting somehow. I learned stick shifting when I learned to drive so I am not impressed with "click" or "automatic" shifting for bikes.

I am wondering what the longest regular bike commute is and who does it. Pete Penseyres used to go from Fallbrook, CA to the San Onofre power plant and back a trip of some 80(?) miles. And set the all time solo speed record for the Race Across AMerica (RAAM) about that time. Lon Haldeman used to do a 100 mile round trip to work at a bike shop northwest of Chicago.

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