Tuesday, March 15


25.14 miles, 1 hr 41 min.

The air temp was 42 degrees this AM. It was about the lowest I have ridden at since Colorado nearly 18 years ago. My finder tips started to go numb even while blowing on them through my fuzzy gloves. Another layer on my hands and legs would have been appreciated.

I took a new route to Sonoma. Went down Warm Springs Road instead of Hwy 12 and Arnold Drive. The trip takes one extra mile to get to Glen Elen. The road isn't any smoother, just a more even down gradient. At Glen Elen I took refuge in the market/deli for 5-6 minutes to warm up. Then Arnold, Agua Caliente, and Hwy 12 to Sonoma.

Coming back I went the whole way on Hwy 12. So much smoother than the back roads, wider shoulders, and more gradual curves so cars can see myself and other vehicles farther ahead. Quid Pro Quo: heavier, faster traffic

Got too involved in an antique video game and missed the start of the Tuesday Night Dinner Ride. Next week I suppose. Hope the club will keep up the night rides for when the weather gets hotter.


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