Wednesday, March 23

Grinding out the miles

26 miles 1 hour 54 minutes

Again, another commute from Kenwood to Sonoma and back. If all I did was commute the task would get boring and I would draw back from cycling. That happened to me in Southern California after grinding out 20 miles a day for four and a half years along the Santa Ana River Trail. The S.A.R.T. is basically a concrete trench. It took eight years, a move to Northern California, and a bike so good it made me ill not to ride it to get active again.

Active is using my commute as a training ride. I use the basic principles shown on the Ultra Marathon Cycling Association site as guidelines without an obsessive focus on a rigid schedule. Well, there is some rigidity. I will be safe and I will get to the other end. Remember it IS a commute, a person depends on me to be there, and I do get 31 cents a mile to do it. Threshold work going up hills, recovery down slopes, and keeping my pulse rate up in between.


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