Wednesday, March 23

The firmest dream

Last night I woke from a dream remembering only that I had one. Just now I woke from one I didn't (and never want to) forget.

I was sitting at one end of a long table surrounded by a casual group of people. A mature, bearded man several places up the right side turned and asked me, most seriously, "Can you see beyond?"

"You're not asking me to see the spaceship behind Hale-Bopp, are you?" I replied to his question with a question.

"No," he answered, implying he meant the question honestly.

"in that case I have a problem with it. To see beyond you first have to accept certain beliefs and tenets unquestioningly and without critical analysis. Like," and I looked up the table where the entire group is watching me, "Sorry about this, any of you Christian people, Jesus is the Son of God." I heard a gasp and several people flinched.

The questioner nodded and said, "I see."

I perceived a feeling of partial withdrawal from the others at the table. I smiled and said, "...and they all moved away from me on the bench." A youngish lady on my immediate right had a puzzled smile on her face. "You didn't catch that, did you?"


"It's from the 60s' anti-war movement, a movie called Alice's Restaurant by...," and then my mind drew a blank! I hummed, in my mind, a few bars of the title tune. Nothing!

In some high-stress dreams, the stress can wake you. I felt my quickening, and thought, I mustn't forget this, it is a basic part of my growing up. If I can't remember it, I'm starting the long slide. Focusing my mind I drew up the image of a dying man on a hospital bed, tubes installed. "WOODIE... no, Arlo Guthrie," came in a flash. And I relaxed.

Knowing this was a memory I wanted to keep and share with my engineer spouse, I got up and blogged it.


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