Friday, March 11

Finders Keepers

Rode 25.5 miles in 1.75 hours. This put me 11 miles over my goal for the week.

To you snowbirds I used a sleeveless mesh top on my ride back to Kenwood and used two waterbottles in 12.8 miles. At mile 3 on the return on Arnold Drive a tiny red widget caught my eye. It was a PLANET BIKE taillight in working order. Off, blinking, and steady. Not a fraction of the power of my yellow Zenon strobe but the Steady red setting will make me street-legal if an officer with an attitude stops me. Minutes later I noted a steady flow of bikers going south. At Glen Ellen I found the Friday morning group from the SRCC resting by the Deli. I stopped and greeted Janice Unice and friends. They reacted well to my commuting the general route they were doing for fun.

Later on my way home from an afternoon assignment I spotted a BELL bike helmet on the road shoulder. Its outer micro-thin shell had only minor cosmetic damage, fixable with a compatible adhesive. Certainly better that the 10 year old one I had.


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