Wednesday, March 2

Bicycle Log Beauty: VeloLogger by WatWare

0 miles, rainy work day, knees hurting.

When I bought my Bruce Gordon BLT (Basic Loaded Touring) bike last year, I set out to get back into cycling shape. I wanted to be in the same shape I was when I did the Brevet series in southern California, when I was cycling 30 commute miles each day. I set up a big sheet of paper with my notes, but it quickly got unwieldy.

The program recommended by a good cycling buddy was Dave Watkins' VeloLogger, so I contacted them at their Web site, and I was quickly in receipt of the program.

It's easy to use from the first, with lots of goodies buried deeper in the program as you continue to play with it. The best thing about it is how easy it is to get reports on the raw data.

For anyone who wants to cycle instead of dinking around with records, this is a great program! Especially if the cats eat your record sheets...


At 3/02/2005 3:07 PM, Blogger CSMiner said...

Easier to add comment this way. I keep Velologger and an old DOS game "POPULOUS" on a physically separate system. Sneakernet - Watkins sent me a disc good for 5 entries to try out the system then an access code when I emailed payment.


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